peruvian style

EMPANADAS + TAMALES + Sandwiches + tarts + sweets + Coffee


From the Panca Peruvian Rotisserie family, located in south Oceanside, CA

Photos by Neens


The Tambo Cafe menu is inspired by our Peruvian tradition… LONCHE - “Too late for lunch, too early for dinner." So we get together in the late afternoon for some empanadas, sanguches, pasteles and desserts. Easy to eat conversational type food. Similar to the American “happy hour”, but not. So please bring your friends here, or pick up a box of goodies to-go and share some conversation over delicious Peruvian food.

BUENAZO!  (super good)



(760) 696-3090


1904 S Coast Hwy 101 Oceanside, CA 92054



Tues-Thurs & Sun 8am-9pm,

Fri-Sat 8am-9:30pm,
Closed Monday